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Our Yogurts

At U-Top It Marin you will never find high fructose corn syrup, trans fat or hydrogenated oils in our premium frozen yogurts and sorbets. All of our yogurts offer a healthy array of live active cultures and other healthful ingredients. We work with these premier suppliers and others to bring you the freshest, finest and most flavorful selections available.

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Toppings & Flavors

U-Top It Marin offers thousands of flavor combinations. From fresh organic fruit toppings delivered daily from the Marin Produce Company to the tasty treats kids love, nobody offers more variety than U-Top It Marin! We’re constantly bringing in new toppings, syrups and seasonal fruit choices to keep things fresh and exciting. Here at U-Top It Marin we mean it when we say it:

More flavors, more fun!

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Location & Hours

Winter Hours

Sunday - Thursday: 12 - 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 12 - 9pm

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Sunday - Thursday: 12 - 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 12 - 10pm

+1 415.485.4441

245 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo, CA 94960